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CookCool® Modern Fit #SMART® Chef Pants

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product details

A performance microfiber waistband wicks moisture away, and an integrated #SMART pocket keeps your device secure and protected. Features a modern, slimmer fit with a touch of stretch for added comfort.

  • Cotton/Lycra stretch fabric
  • Wrinkle and soil-resistant fabric
  • Performance microfiber, elastic waistband
  • Button front, zipper fly, adjustable web belt
  • 2 side pockets, 2 back pockets, 1 water-resistant loop and Velcro thigh pocket (phone)
  • Slimmer fit leg
  • Unisex
  • New Color - Cool Gray


Tailored pants that fit like a glove. On your legs.

Goldilocks was a thief and a vagrant, but she had a good point. We like things just right, like our food or our bed, and definitely our clothes. It’s why we designed the Modern Fit pants to feel great, combining light material with a superb fit.

Performance Microfiber Waistband with Drawstring

Keep your waist dry and your pants fitting the way you like. The moisture-wicking microfiber means that even as you run around to cook your best meals, your body doesn’t feel the heat.

Two Side Pockets, Two Back Pockets, One Water-Resistant Loop and Velcro Thigh Pocket

When you need your tools to be by your side or secured, you get #SMART. We’ve crafted these pockets to give you plenty of storage options and make cooking easier.

Slimmer Fit Leg

Contoured pant legs provide comfort perfect for the back of the house and style that’s perfect for the front.

Cotton/Lycra Stretch Fabric

No great chef ever stood still; you’re always on the move, reaching or tossing or shuffling. The cotton/lycra material moves with you and provides support.

Wrinkle & Soil Resistant

These pants hold their form even as you reach for pans, bend for pots and plate your dish. And if you spill sauce or oil on you (which obviously never happens), the stain is easier to remove.

Customer Reviews

4.4 / 5
Based on 59 reviews: 88% customers recommend this item.
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Not durable
Nov 22, 2017
"Not even a month after receiving them they already have 2 holes in then from wearing "
D, verified buyer
Good Sh*t
Sep 07, 2016
"Pants are good. Light material and stitched well. I recommend for high volume, sweaty bagged kitchens."
Zombiechef, verified buyer
Very comfortable pant.
Aug 23, 2016
"The modern fit Chef pant is the best pair of Chef pants I have ever worn.The fit is great and is very light but made well."
Gary, verified buyer
Falling apart
Dec 03, 2017
"I've had these pants for almost a month now and they're completely falling apart. First the loop for the side pocket fell off, then the belt started to fray (I don't wash the belt when I wash the pants) and now just recently the zipper fell off completely. I do like the pants a lot the design and fabric is fantastic I think I just got a defective pair of pants "
Arturo , verified buyer
Great price..not so great quality
Aug 29, 2017
"I bought 5 of these. They held up well initially. Then after the second wash..one pair the zipper came apart. After a 4th wash..the seams came undone on the back pocket of 2 pairs of pants. They fit great..but wish the would hold up better.."
Decent, has potential, could be better, the high belt line is a major flaw.
Aug 20, 2017
"These pants fit fairly well, however the belt line was too high, needs to be more of a low-rise, the included belt is a nice touch, but not a an of velcro on the cellphone pocket, since velcro wears out fast, a sturdy snap would have been better.
Fix these issues and you could have a 4 or 5 star product, also, come out with traditional black w white stripes, and other patterns, once you have perfected the design. "
Waltbae, verified buyer
Too skinny
Jun 09, 2017
"These pants fit looked like yoga pants when I tried them on. I gave them to my female garde manger chef."
John, verified buyer
Best Chef Pants!!
Oct 07, 2016
"As a woman who is 6 feet tall I have a really tough time finding pants that are long enough and fit well. These ones are the perfect length and they have a great fit!! They are very formal and so comfy! "
Tynisha , verified buyer
Jan 15, 2017
"These pants are amazing, they stretch when bending down or over, they are breathe able, no more swamp a$$, and they are great fitting. I will be buying more of these pants and would recommend to everyone."
Michael , verified buyer
Pretty good
Mar 27, 2018
"I like these pants. They are comfortable and cool. My only complaint is that the material is not very strong. I wore holes in them in less than a year."
Matede, verified buyer
Good quality but a bit pricey
Mar 20, 2018
"They are a great pair of pants. They actually have an attached belt and like the only pair of non baggy chef pants. They are a bit expensive compared to other pairs of pants though. If you haven’t tried the cooling pants then you should because your legs will thank you. It really does make a difference, at least on a hot line. You won’t want to use non cooling pants again."
Jamon, verified buyer
Great chef pant
May 02, 2017
"I do like the pants alot, they are very comfortable after wearing baggy chef pants for years."
Christopher, verified buyer
Best purchase this year!
Mar 13, 2017
"I bought the pairs of these for my husband. After wearing then to work he declared then the most comfortable pants he's every worn. This coming from a man who hates pants and would wear shorts year round if he could."
Jo, verified buyer
10 out of 10
Jan 02, 2017
"He works in a kitchen that has little to no ventilation. It gets very hot in the summer as well. I got him 3 for Christmas and couldn't have done better. Happy Chef, happy life."
Christmas gift for chef , verified buyer
Very satisfied
Dec 23, 2016
"Son was very happy with the selections. Likes the durability and quality"
Marty, verified buyer
decent pants, decent value
Apr 20, 2018
"These pants are one of only 2 styles I've found that come close to fitting me. I'm 5'3 105lbs. The material seems to be decent and it's more breathable than some others. The fit is less baggy than most, so I don't feel like a clown. The waist sits right at the navel, about an inch higher than I prefer. Also, they shrink a lot, like maybe 3 inches. After about 10-15 washes, I was able to get rid of the belt on the first pair I got, they shrank so much, which is ok because they were so big (I got the small). They're still not tight, just comfy now. I wash them on cold and dry on low, fyi. Pockets are plenty roomy, although I don't use them for much. This is my 2nd purchase."
Tator tot, verified buyer
Good pants for everyday use
Nov 09, 2017
"So far, these pants have been great. Comfortable, they don’t ride up or sag. The belt is a great addition—makes the pants worth the extra few dollars. They do have a low rise in the waist; that might be something to put in the item description. But for me that’s perfect! I’ve been waiting for a pair of pants to fit ME, not fit like generic sweatpants. These fit the bill."
Jason, verified buyer
Absolutely Fabulous
Jun 20, 2017
"Best pants ever. Very comfortable and much cooler than any other pants"
Vin, verified buyer
nice pants
Apr 12, 2017
"I like these pants as they are cool and comfortable, the only complaint I have is they shrink after several washes. The length was right when I got them but after washing them they are now up above my ankles and look like flood pants."
Jwizardtree, verified buyer
likes alot
Nov 01, 2016
"ive bought about 4 pair. totally love these pants. i wear them not only for work but just for anything"
Dmaster, verified buyer
executive chef
Oct 13, 2017
"beautiful chef pants including belt and cell phone pocket on the side ware comfortable and stretching nice work more active in the kitchen. love this pants"
Mr. t, verified buyer
They're so comfy
Sep 25, 2017
"These pants are comfortable and I like that I can move around without feeling tight or my clothes fallin off off me. I am loving that it has its own belt, so I don't have to search for a belt or switch belt to each pants.

Smart Purchase
Sep 10, 2017
"Great pants, like how they don't get dirty easily. Just wanted to point out the fact that as a cook you crouch, squat alot... So if you don't ask for the right measurements you'll end up ripping them. But it's nice and the water resistence of it is just awesome. Would recommend them! "
Steven, verified buyer
good quality for the price
Sep 06, 2017
"They are light weight and comfortable for my son to wear to work. Can be worn with or without a belt. "
Marilyn, verified buyer
Sep 01, 2017
"These pants fit better than any chef pant I have ever owned. Very professional in its look. "
Atrain, verified buyer
Aug 17, 2017
"Wash them First before you hem
Them because they shrink. Soft and comfortable. "
Chefrf, verified buyer
Great stuff
Jun 09, 2017
"I love these pants."
Jose, verified buyer
Feb 25, 2017
"Love them"
Wanda, verified buyer
Great pair of pants!
Oct 26, 2016
"Overall a good pair of pants for work inside the kitchen or just in general."
Richard, verified buyer
Good buy
Oct 07, 2016
"Very happy with these pants,comfortable and cool.."
Eli, verified buyer