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Discover fresh aprons, bold artwork, new looks and more in the 2019 Happy Chef catalog.

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The Uniform Brand Behind Culinary Arts Education

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Chefs

At Happy Chef we know there is much more to Culinary Education than learning to cook. For more than 30 years we’ve been a part of helping instructors with a passion for teaching their craft prepare students to become a part of a community of unique professionals through our range of top-quality clothing and accessories.

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Empowering Students and Staff

We understand the significance and pride behind that first white coat and every uniform worn after and provide product to enhance the culinary learning experience. Dedicated service, competitive pricing and unique sample programs help ensure the success of every program.

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Committed to Culinary Excellence

Culinary schools across the country rely on us to provide all of the tools needed to create the perfect identity for their program. Our deep inventory, wide size scale and diverse selection of apparel allow you to build a cohesive, professional look for your team.

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Building Pride with Customization

We help create a professional image and build school identity by easily adding school logos and student names and offer free logo set-ups! We are also officially licensed to add the American Culinary Federation logo to your Happy Chef merchandise.

  • Personalize with Names and Titles

  • Free Logo Set-Up

  • Add the ACF Logo

Creating Confidence with Every Coat

From classic student coats to executive styles for staff and all of the accessories to complete your look, we’ve got you covered with quality products to create a uniform that will instill confidence and success.

  • Culinary Arts Uniform Male Student
  • Culinary Arts Uniform Female Student
  • Culinary Arts Uniform Male Instructor
  • Culinary Arts Uniform Female Instructor
  • Culinary Arts Uniform Hat
  • Culinary Arts Uniform Aprons
  • Culinary Arts Uniform Pants
  • Culinary Arts Uniform Bag
  • Culinary Arts Uniform Shoes

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